Most people think that there are good writers and bad writers. This is simply untrue. Great writing happens when the writer has a strong message and that message is communicated in a clear, succinct and intentional way. However, there isn’t anyone who can do this without editing. Nobody gets it right on the first try. Great writing, then, is the result of great editing. I provide three types of editing services for fiction and nonfiction manuscripts:

Proofreading: focuses only on correcting grammatical errors, typos, and formatting inconsistencies.

Line editing: focuses on grammar (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.), word choice (spotting clichés and run-on sentences), sentence structure, and writing quality.

Developmental editing: focuses on the big picture: coherence, flow, clarity and relevance of ideas, appropriate tone, and consistency; provides in-depth notes, questions, and suggestions; may involve adding or deleting sections, reorganizing ideas, reworking chapters, and expounding on important concepts.

Pricing: Starts at $30/hour- $75/hour or a negotiated per project fee

*Customized plans are available depending on your needs. Discounts may apply for ongoing editing clients (3+ months)

TUTORING (English Language Arts Grades 5-12+)

I offer tutoring to traditional, homebased and homeschooled students in the areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and writing. Sessions are available in 30 minute and 1-hour increments. All tutoring sessions are completed via Zoom. Below are the three types of tutoring programs offered:

Homework Help: assist students in understanding concepts covered in weekly homework assignments.

Test prep: assist students in preparing for and passing state and national exams.

Personalized program: work collaboratively to create and execute a personalized weekly plan to meet specific academic goals.

Pricing: $50/hour or a negotiated fee (weekly/monthly)

*Customized plans are available depending on your needs. Discounts may apply for ongoing tutoring clients (3+ months)


Writing services may be a good fit for you if you know what you want to say but have trouble putting it into words. You may want to write a memoir detailing the significant events of your life. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur developing your website or social media presence. You may be in a technical field looking to write an article or manual. If you don’t have the time or skills to do the writing, consider taking advantage of one or more of the writing services I offer:

  • Blog posts
  • Short bios
  • Training manuals
  • Promotional materials
  • Letters/Emails
  • Proposals
  • Articles
  • Social media posts/captions (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Speeches
  • Short nonfiction
Pricing: Rates vary per project.

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